Skatepark Competition Guidelines

Skate park Competition guidelines

Event Format: 

Every Participant will have 2 x 45 second Runs with the Skate Park to themselves, to perform as many of their best tricks in sequence as possible. No points are awarded after their last trick when the clock timer ends.  

On the Riders Second Run. They may take 2 attempts to land their first trick, the timer will start when they land it.  


 See all categories below: 


12 & Under Male 

12 & Under Female 

16 & Under Male 

16 & Under Female 

Open Male 

Open Female 


12 & Under Male 

12 & Under Female 

16 & Under Male 

16 & Under Female 

Open Male 

Open Female 


Note: if any category (as listed above) has less than 3 riders registered then said category will merge with the next category.  

Conditions of Competition Entry: 

Every rider under the age of 18 must have Parent/Assigned Guardian permission.  

Event Management holds the right to refuse entry. 

Management holds the right to move the age category of the participant based on their skill level. 

All riders must wear a helmet 100% of the time, this includes any rider over the age of 18+ (Helmets Provided) 


All Riders are judged only by the tricks they land

The format is judging the perceived difficulty of the trick, categorising tricks under either easy, medium, or hard (Easy - 1 Point, Medium – 3 points, Hard – 6 Points).

The difficulty of the trick will be marked in the event a trick is repeated multiple times. 

Judges may add additional points for riders who use the entire park or show added creativity and diversity in their run.  

Judges make decisions based on their professional opinion. If you disagree with the decision or outcome of the competition, please do not take it personally. 

The points system is used as a guide and the final decision is discussed and deliberated amongst the judges based on what they witnessed between the competitors during the competition.  

Please refrain from disturbing Judges during any competition run or Deliberation.  

Rider crash during their run 

If a rider is to crash during their competition run, time will be stopped if the rider seems to have difficulty salvaging the run. After which they may opt to forfeit their run. Or continue their run after a rest or receiving appropriate first aid.


All Riders and Patrons must demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the competition. 

All Riders must follow any staff directions given. 

Respect all members of Staff. 

When competition has started, no one except the competitor must be in the park. 

Judges hold the right to deduct placings, points, or prizes from competitors for bad behaviour. 

Code of Conduct 

All patrons shall not use and bad language. 

All patrons may be asked to leave for the mistreatment of others. 

Competitors are not to taunt or humiliate any other rider. 

Prize Policy 

1st, 2nd, and 3rd (in each division) will be awarded a medal or trophy. 

The competition prizes may vary in value. 

Prizes are generally provided after each category (Scoot, BMX, Skate) 

Culture Policy 

Skate competition is embedded in skate history. Competition culture intends to celebrate the progress of all competitors and to bring more visibility to the talent the sport brings. 

Behaviour hindering this will be dealt with accordingly as mistreatment of competitors will not be tolerated.. 

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