So, what is Latrobe Streetgames?

WHAT IS LATROBE STREETGAMES? Latrobe Streetgames is about getting out, having fun with your mates, and getting active.• It’s totally free

• No booking required (except for Skateclub)

• No fancy uniforms or equipment required

• A good place to hang out, have a go, and meet other teens and young adults!


• We’re not about skills and drills, no matter what your skill level you can come and join in, feel welcome, and have fun

• We’re not high pressure and we’re not a competition (friendly competition is fine if that’s your thing, but it’s not about winning or losing to us)

• We’re not a boot-camp (if you get fitter great, but it’s primarily about having fun and connecting with friends)

• We’re not about overdoing it (if you like to go all out that’s totally fine, but we encourage you to pace yourself and we take regular breaks as a group- we want you to be able to move the next day haha)

We strive to choose locations and styles that are as accessible as possible, and our coaches are welcoming to all groups, including people who are LGBTIQA+, culturally and linguistically diverse people, those living with disabilities, and heaps more. For more accessibility information about your town’s event please get in touch!

Latrobe Streetgames is made possible by Gippsport and Latrobe Health Assembly, working together in the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone

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