Streetgames programs cancelled until further notice

For health and safety we will be temporarily postponing our face to face programs but this does not mean we are disappearing! (read the full info here… )

The Streetgames team and our players have a bunch of exciting ideas and are going to be starting up an online group to stay connected – we want you to tell us what platform this group will be best on (facebook discord insta snapchat??) We’re launching a poll on our socials on Monday which you can respond to, or you can message us or comment below!

We also want your ideas for online programs we can do! Examples include home challenges, yoga/workout/dance sessions on zoom together, live demos, weekly videos, there’s so much that can be done online! Tell us what you want to see!

Remember, we’re doing it for everyone’s health and safety- this is a time to band together and support one another. We know this is likely a stressful time, and we are here for you!

Reach out to us via fb/insta/email/website, and also make sure to look after mental health during this time:



The situation is changing and evolving so keep checking back here for more updates! Speak soon everyone 🙌❤️

Make sure to use official sources to stay updated to avoid false news and wrong info:
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